Update VI: Keep Growing

If you’ve read the previous updates in this series which documents my start-up, you know how hard it has been just to get a couple of clients on board.

My social media management company, which prioritises weekly visits in a bid to generate the best organic content for your business, has been difficult getting off the ground. I was a little naive thinking some print advertisement and a few recommendations within the hospitality industry would be enough to get me up off the ground. As of right now, I have three paying clients, with a fourth looking to start soon if everything goes to plan.


The Zhiyun gimble has been great for video on my iPhone.


The insights from my first client over the first month on Facebook have surpassed anything I had anticipated. I will use the stats from my first month to further promote my business once I have their permission.


The Dressers Arms first month Stats 2
The first month compared to prior month without my service.


It’s clear from just looking at the macro stats from the month that video content has had a huge part to play in the first month’s success. They have also seen ‘an increase in customers’ during the week and many of the customers are already aware of the deals on before they enter as they saw them online.

Another interesting factor I hadn’t previously considered or seen as another potential positive to having an active and successful social media presence, is that one of his suppliers has offered to give them a discount if they promote their product on my client’s social accounts. The product is a gin flavouring component which offers a variety of flavours to add to your G&T.


Suppliers offering a discount to promote their product is yet another way social media can benefit business.


Their return on investment has been great, the owner is extremely satisfied with the work I have been doing. So much so that the Chinese restaurant next door was the second client I began working with. As always, word of mouth is always going to be my surest way of growing. Offering a free £100 Facebook ad, including creation, for referrals is something I will begin to push more and more now.

My ultimate goal for the end of the year is to have 10 paying clients. So to reach 5 before the end of September is my next goal. With this business, one great aspect is there are little to none outgoing costs, apart from the social media scheduling software I’m looking to implement. Which means I can put my profits into advertisement. I’m going to start experimenting more with Facebook ads, eventually, I would like to have my website redesigned professionally with a portfolio of clients and their analytics. But that’s probably next year. For now, it’s growing client by client, one month to the next, whichever way I can.

I don’t like being dependant on just a handful of clients as I am right now, whilst they are really happy. If one or two were to cancel the service, it could be the end before I got started. Five will be a big milestone for me. Especially as my business will then be generating the same income as the average marketing assistant starts on at a larger agency. The pressure to ‘get a real job’ would subside. As for my next update, I will detail on what the average day consists of for me, from start to finish.

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