Update V pt. 2: The Tech Wishlist

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update. I will quickly bring you up to speed with how my startup has been going over the past couple of weeks. I will then my tech wish list with you. Some of the items being a lot more realistically than others, but as I said, it’s a wish list. Just a couple of these items would really take my content and what I would be able to create to the next level.
As for business, it’s so slow and steady. I’m spending a little more time on two clients in particular than I would like to, but whilst I can, that is okay. I am now at 3/4 paying clients, which is great, but the constant fear of reaching a dead-end and stalling for new clientele is always there. These initial clients have been introduced to me through my father’s connections in the industry. Going forward I will need to create my own leads.
I have some photos I will share in update VI of myself visiting clients. Along with some of the visuals, I have created for clients, to give you a sense of what I have been doing, on a day-to-day basis.
1. Drone
The first item on this list is a drone. I’ve been fascinated with drones and their use for photography ever since I first saw them a few years back. The DJI Phantom 4 is what I am saving up for, it looks like a great piece of kit which would produce some stunning images. Especially for some of my clients who are situated in the heart of the Lancashire countryside. On the DJI website, it says this still isn’t available in the UK. However, it can be found on Argos for £1,099. Hopefully, this becomes a reality towards the end of this year.
2. 360 Camera
The second item on my list is the most expensive and I’m not even how useful it would be for me, but it looks incredible. The GoPro Omni shoots virtual reality using 6 Hero4 Black cameras. At £4199,99 this is a major investment. One day, I like to think I will be able to use this tech, or something similar at least.
3. DSLR Camera
When investing in a professional camera that would be at the centre of your work, it’s crucial to make the right purchase. There are many good pro cameras out there, especially when just looking at what both Canon and Nikon have to offer. But on a perfect wish list would be the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. At close to £3,500 it’s a huge investment. However, I think this purchase would be much more justified than the VR shooter.
4. A second iPhone/ or iPad.
To help with creating content, live video and just having a phone purely for work. Especially since it has become such an invaluable asset and everyday part of my work. The iPhone 7 Plus is going for £919 on their website. Right now I’m coping fine just using my one iPhone 7 plus, but as I get more clients, I think a second phone will be necessary.
5. Macbook
I need to upgrade from my current HP Envy core i5. It was great when I only edited a few photos and wrote blog posts via my WordPress account. But now with more video and software for editing and much more content, it can’t keep up and often over heats. Since I already have the iPhone and commitments there, it would make sense to link up my laptop too. The latest 15-inch Macbook Pro would be ideal. Priced at £2,699 it’s still very much a wish.
6. Apple Watch
The black stainless steel apple watch would be a useful cheaper piece of tech to have at my disposal. Quickly attending to notifications and messages that come in. This would probably be the least important item on the list, and more of a toy than anything else. Priced at £749.
7. Buffer (SMS)
These last two aren’t exactly concrete technology products. However, the social media software (SMS) Buffer is a great platform which I am looking to implement into my business soon. As I only have four clients I have been able to schedule content directly via their Facebook pages. The Facebook pages app has also been really useful for this. Once I start using Buffer, I will be able to export data with ease, and schedule content across platforms quicker. For my current needs and going forward, I would need the monthly plan which is $199.
8. Headspace (App)
This last one is not so much to do with work. But the meditation app Headspace is something I became aware of via Sam Hariss’s podcast. I completed the ten-minute introduction sessions with Headspace and enjoyed them quite a lot. So exploring this further and really giving it ago and committing to it each day is something I hope to do. However, as with many subscription services, it’s a lot cheaper to pay annually. So when I do purchase the full application I will do so on the annual rate, which is £75. Not so bad when we look at some of the other items on this list.
Wishlist total: £13,240 (without the monthly payment of Buffer) *yikes*
This looks like a few years of slowly investing in the right tech which will improve my content, both personally for me, but more importantly for my clients. I will be posting update IV next week, which will provide a closer insight into my day-to-day. Until then, have a good weekend everybody.

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