2 years later…

It’s been two years since my last post. Lots has changed, yet at the same time it feels like many things haven’t. Building my business, which is the series of blogs I left off here with, has consumed most of my time over the past two years. When I set out on this journey of [...]

Update VII: The journey so far

Since the late 90's we have been in the Experience Economy. Where people are getting married later and valuing experiences like travel over owning things. Some say this is still the case today, but now we just experience through the lens of social. We need only look at the emergence of things like Google Cardboard and work [...]

Update VI: Keep Growing

If you've read the previous updates in this series which documents my start-up, you know how hard it has been just to get a couple of clients on board. My social media management company, which prioritises weekly visits in a bid to generate the best organic content for your business, has been difficult getting off [...]

Update V pt. 2: The Tech Wishlist

It's been a couple of weeks since my last update. I will quickly bring you up to speed with how my startup has been going over the past couple of weeks. I will then my tech wish list with you. Some of the items being a lot more realistically than others, but as I said, it's [...]

A trip to Toronto

This has been a long time coming. With summer in full swing, I would be lying if I wasn't a little frustrated not to get away this summer. But with my new business taking priority I can't afford to take much time off - nor do I have the money to. Making for my trip [...]

5 tips for better content

The below infographic provides useful tips on creating quick quality content for your business or blog's social media. The importance of video content is essential, I will follow up this post with some useful free apps for creating good video content. It's my first time experimenting with infographic creation so I wanted to utilise it. [...]

Update V: That’s a stupid offer

Okay, let me explain. The featured image could be 100% accurate, in a few weeks time. We'll get to that a little later. If you have read the prior updates in this series, you are aware of the journey so far with my start-up. Let me begin by saying how this week has been very [...]

Update IV: My first client

That’s right. I didn't actually think my next post would be about my first client, at least not so soon after my previous post. After a couple of rather bleak posts that flaunted the F word way too much (failure). I have successfully secured my first client. A gastropub in the Lancashire countryside. I had [...]

Update III: Failure Pt. 2

If you're new to this series of posts, it might be worth checking out the intro to this new series. My frustration grows each week, but with frustration, my determination grows too. Each rejection fuels my desire to succeed that much more. Maybe I'll reach a stubbornness, a denial of failure, or maybe my perseverance [...]