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Santa2He’s given up, he’s persisted and he’s always strived for more and always will.

Update | August 2017

Thank you for visiting the Beyond the Palms Blog. Over the last year this blog has changed quite a lot. Starting out as a travel blog whilst I was in Latin America, and now taking on many elements. In essence, I would say this is a personal lifestyle blog, focusing on travel, photography, entrepreneurialism and the occasional ramble.

I currently have two main series running, one which is documenting the journey through my start-up business. The other which looks at photography, focusing on people and places in the Manchester area. Stay tuned for more travel updates and adventures in the near future.

I want to represent a journey which I think many want to take, but most don’t. Before arriving in Costa Rica a lot of my posts reflected on my feelings and emotions towards making the transition.  I could have quickly found myself wandering through my twenties with no real direction. However, with my feet back on well-trodden home turf, I can say comfortably I will always have a thirst to see the world when the right opportunity presents itself.

An excerpt:

If nothing else, this space will…

Help him see clarity and reach peace of mind,
When such a state is hard to find,
He’s scared of the future, and what it will and will not hold,
At this current time he seeks adventure, he wants to be bold,
Away from the grey animosity that is home,
He will live, and experience the real all on his own.