Update IV: My first client

That’s right. I didn't actually think my next post would be about my first client, at least not so soon after my previous post. After a couple of rather bleak posts that flaunted the F word way too much (failure). I have successfully secured my first client. A gastropub in the Lancashire countryside. I had [...]

Update III: Failure Pt. 2

If you're new to this series of posts, it might be worth checking out the intro to this new series. My frustration grows each week, but with frustration, my determination grows too. Each rejection fuels my desire to succeed that much more. Maybe I'll reach a stubbornness, a denial of failure, or maybe my perseverance [...]

Update III: Every start-up fails, right?

Two short updates coming today. This first one, I have been adding to throughout the week prior. The next post will mainly put some of my main frustrations into words. It’s embarrassing to think I could just be documenting a failure. To be lost on the internet for eternity, or at least until I stop [...]

Update II: Have I caught you at a bad time?

This is the second update from a new series documenting the journey through my new business. This week I am focused on acquiring a handful of initial clients who will allow me to build a credible portfolio. With a portfolio of successful clients, it will be easier to acquire further business. However, right now it [...]

Update I: My new business

This is the first post from my upcoming series which will cover my experience of starting my own business. I talked in my previous post about this new chapter and what I hope the blog will bring in the future. This post will focus on how I have arrived at this position, the difficulties I’ve [...]

May: The Northeast coast

I’ve made a habit of visiting the coast numerous times already this year. Something I wouldn’t have felt obliged to do a couple of years back. But since spending large amounts of time beachside whilst travelling it is refreshing to go out to the coast as often as I can. This time round I visited [...]

A New Journey

First an apology. I knew continuing a travel blog once returning home wouldn’t be easy. I wanted to continue the story I had begun telling. But in the midst of trying to find content I deemed worthy, I was also struggling with finding purpose and a road forward back home. I knew what I wanted [...]