A trip to Toronto

This has been a long time coming. With summer in full swing, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little frustrated not to get away this summer. But with my new business taking priority I can’t afford to take much time off – nor do I have the money to. Making for my trip to Canada in October all the more rewarding.

I’ll be following up this post with a new update specifically about how the start-up is going. You could take my lapse is updates as a sign of me doing well and being busy, or a sign the start-up failed. I’m happy to report it’s the former. More on that in Update VI.

The updates have had a mix response in terms of views, but I’ll keep at it and hopefully improve the way in which I tell the story of my start-up.

As for my trip to Canada in October, I will be visiting Toronto. My friend is living there at the moment and it will be great to see him and have somebody show me around. Toronto looks like such an amazing place.

I think Autumn hits a sweet spot in so many ways, it certainly does in Connecticut. Fall is such a beautiful time on the northeast coast. I’m hoping it will be the same story in Toronto. There’s a crispness to the air but the sun still providing enough warmth for comfortable outings. The change in temperature and shorter days warns winter is just around the corner. Whilst reminding me that I better make the most of the weather before winter sets in.

Another amazing aspect about Toronto is the multicultural diversity it provides. With over 140 languages spoken in the city and around half of Toronto’s residents being born outside of Canada. Toronto’s diversity was made aware to me through music. I listen to a lot of Toronto-based artists. Drake is one of them, but also Roy Woods, Pressa, PartyNextDoor and DVSN. All under the label, October’s very own.

I look forward to exploring a totally new vibrant big-time city buzz. I’ve heard and seen great things about the food online, alongside happening bars and clubs and sought-after festivals. Food is always number one on the list of things to do when I travel, but aside from trying the best of what Toronto has to offer foodwise, I hope to get some great visuals and enjoy the outdoors during the final stretch of warmth.

I will also take this chance to finish my trip with a return to the United States. Specifically my former home Connecticut, where I studied and worked for a couple of years, followed by a couple of days in NYC. Again, it’ll be great to see old friends there and experience the warmth and serenity that Connecticut offers. A place I like to call home, a place I hope to one day be able to call home again.

This will be the first real travel I’ve done this year, but I’m hoping not the last. Whilst I’m here at home in the UK I want to make the most of Europe and it’s many beautiful destinations. There’s so much I want to do, and it all costs money, but work will be the main priority for the time being. Striking a good balance is key, and my trip to Canada will provide this. 2017 has been a very mixed year so far, I’m hoping to close out the second half doing the things I want to do, and paving the ground for my own business.

If anybody has any insights on Toronto, or you are from there, please get in touch. I am looking to find out more about the city before travelling.

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