5 tips for better content

The below infographic provides useful tips on creating quick quality content for your business or blog’s social media. The importance of video content is essential, I will follow up this post with some useful free apps for creating good video content. It’s my first time experimenting with infographic creation so I wanted to utilise it. I’ve had some trouble with correctly sizing it on different platforms but here it has worked perfectly.

Facebook Infographic

I will be making more infographics which provide tips and useful info for my social media outlets. I don’t want to muddy this blogging space with purely business and marketing material, as it wasn’t long ago when this space was purely a travel blog and photography site. However, most people who will read this, have a blog of their own, in which case some of this info might be useful.

Next update on the journey through my start-up to come early next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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