Update V: That’s a stupid offer

Okay, let me explain. The featured image could be 100% accurate, in a few weeks time. We’ll get to that a little later. If you have read the prior updates in this series, you are aware of the journey so far with my start-up. Let me begin by saying how this week has been very different for me. Lots of new experiences. With three or four social media reviews/ pitches delivered to business owners complete. Also working on my first client, a gastropub in the Lancashire countryside. It’s been hectic and I’m enjoying the surge in productivity. I also completed a new advanced social media course yesterday in central Manchester. It was somewhat useful and opened my eyes to a host of content creating platforms. Some of which I have quickly experimented with in this update.

As for the title of this post. I will launch my own social media this week. The thought is daunting, it will have zero traction at first, I don’t want to link it to this blog or my Instagram, or even my own personal Facebook. So it will grow from an organic beginning once again. The leader of yesterday’s course suggested I start with youtube, something I wouldn’t have considered. Their argument was that youtube, providing good quality visual content, would be the quickest way to grow my social media. Through ‘how to’ videos, or ‘top tips’ and so on. My business Facebook page will be instrumental in my success going forward. That’s where the headline comes in. I want to provide some free content on my Facebook page, have a steady flow of useful content churning out, and grow my reach through Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ad campaign ideas:

  1. Free social media management for a year.
  2. Free ice machine/ fridge/ cooler
  3. Free till rolls for a year
  4. Free DSLR camera
  5. Free Facebook ad creation with value of £100

Obviously, number one stands out to me. This was suggested to me yesterday on the course. I think it would be an insane offer, with most people not realising the value in it. I’m talking about the weekly visits, full content creation and plan for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For a year! That’s a minimum of 52 visits! Which would equate to over 300 working hours for me. To see a true return on running an ad like this I would literally have to reach a few thousand likes/ followers during the ad campaign. Reaching a lot of business, new review/ audit requests, and a couple of new paying clients.

My initial idea was to run an ad campaign offering to create a free ad with the value of £100. I realise this is nowhere near as catchy though. I haven’t decided on a final ad campaign yet for Facebook, but I will begin releasing content on my new page this week.

As I mentioned earlier, one thing I did appreciate yesterday was the insights into various content creating platforms available online. I already use a number of them, but below are two I haven’t before utilised. The first allowing you to create stories through professional animations. I had a quick play around with the site, don’t let my initial attempts put you off. They’re definitely worth checking out.


Now with a bit of time, this video could have been a lot better. It’s something I definitely want to utilise on my business’s social media going forward. Telling my story and any offers/ services I might be promoting in a fun way. It’s something I could use for my clients too, maybe a new menu launch, upcoming event, or even a new location.

The second content creator I wanted to mention was a gif creator. It’s simplicity and speed in making is what makes it a winner for me. Below is an example of something I posted today on my client’s Twitter account.


So apologies if you came here in hope of free social media management for your business. But, if I do go ahead with the ad/ competition in the coming weeks. I will announce it on here. Enjoy the rest of your week folks.

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