Update III: Every start-up fails, right?

Two short updates coming today. This first one, I have been adding to throughout the week prior. The next post will mainly put some of my main frustrations into words. It’s embarrassing to think I could just be documenting a failure. To be lost on the internet for eternity, or at least until I stop paying for the domain. It could very well be the autopsy of one more failed start-up. I’ll do everything I can to prevent that from happening.

I suppose that’s all part of the adventure, it’s exciting, I’ll give this everything, leave no stone unturned. If it still fails, then I can say I gave it my all. Saying I tried wouldn’t be comforting, but at least I couldn’t question what I gave. I am excited to find out where this will take me, who knows, maybe I’m documenting the start of a huge success. Maybe this will pave the way for many more opportunities. Lyfe juice bar 2.0 maybe? I’m certainly good at getting ahead of myself and dreaming it big. That part I’m a genius.

Back to reality. I’ve started thinking about what the last attempt at this might look like. The last stitch effort at making this work, if all else fails. Alternative ways of marketing my service, not through traditional routes and hoping people are ready to just invest their money in my service. It might come down to offering my full service free for a month. I would put together a second leaflet and really push the no obligation free trial month. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and other social media management services (SMMS) already offer free trial months, so why shouldn’t I? It is a lot easier for them as it simply requires supplying the customer support and software for the month. Whereas this would be a lot more demanding for me. But it would help build contacts within this industry, some who take the free trial might even become paying customers. What’s more is I would be doing what I want to do, running social media. Word spreads and I would have something to talk about on my business’s social media and blog.

A runoff idea from this was to build social media strategies for businesses currently not utilising Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Ideally, they don’t see the value in social media for business, or they just don’t have the time. When I have been cold calling and looking at business’s social media, mainly Facebook pages, I have come across a handful of unofficial pages. These often have over a hundred likes, visits, reviews, but no content! Not even a contact number, just user-generated content and an address. These unofficial pages need to be claimed by the owner and made use of. I’m considering reaching out to businesses like these, who already have an online presence, but have not claimed responsibility for them. I will see if I can build and create a social media platform for their business, for free. Maybe this would just be for a month, to get it off the ground. The idea being the business owner would see an increase in customers and value the importance of having a great social media strategy today. Some of them might even become paying clients. Either way, I think it would be a great story to document, I would be helping these businesses and strengthening my reputation and credibility.

Frustrated post to follow. I’m going to stop apologising for the lack of visuals at the moment. Put simply, until I have clients I have little to no worthy visual elements to add. I’ll still bring the usual photography posts as they come, but for now, it’s going to be mostly text.

The quote in my feature image is from Jack Canfield, an entrepreneur, corporate trainer and motivational speaker. Yeah, motivational quotes are where I’m at right now.

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