Passionate from miles away: Realizing the greatest part of travel

My love for the United States is obvious to anybody who knows me. A year studying abroad, time working in the States and numerous trips to see friends has left me with unforgettable memories. So, the chance to see a close friend and show them what this side of the pond has to offer is always an enjoyable occasion.

A trip to Old Trafford to watch a Manchester United game was a must. A tequila bar proved successful in dealing with United’s lackluster result. We made the most of the day, visiting my first English casino and grabbing some delicious food at a Turkish restaurant. Manchester has a lot to offer and finding new fun places isn’t that hard once you explore the city a little. I love Manchester and weekends like this remind me why I ought to make the most of my home city.

First trip the the theatre of dreams.

Staying in touch with friends oversees isn’t easy. But whether it’s been a couple of months, or a couple of years, you know you’ll always pick right back up where you left off. Finding lasting relationships like these come few and far between. I appreciate being able to say I have a few amazing friends in different parts of the world, who I know I will keep in touch with.

Since flying out to study in Connecticut during the summer of 2013 I have been fortunate enough to see two friends every year since. At this point it feels like a tradition and something I don’t want to break. Strengthening these relationships and building on fond memories, is the greatest attribute I would associate with travel. It has enabled me to visit new places and take many trips I will always look forward to.

Below are a few photos from the weekend. I wish I had taken more but this really isn’t a post about photography, but more of a personal account.

What’s next

‘Saudade’ – a Portuguese word which portrays a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. It’s hard for me to explain sometimes. It’s a little like a renewed feeling of melancholy. A distain towards home? I know I have looked down on my hometown before now. It’s not easy adjusting back to life after living abroad.

My biggest problem, since coming home at least, has been chasing what I want. Without building any real path to get there. I can’t expect to have everything immediately; I need to work towards it. Nothing is going to happen overnight. I hope with realizing this I will begin to do what I can each day in securing the future I yearn. That includes enjoying home. I have a great opportunity right now and for the first time since coming home, I am excited about the future again.

Hopefully I will get chance to take a trip this year. Even if I don’t, I need to be patient and do what I can. Taking the necessary steps, and enjoying my time here at home will be crucial to any future of mine stateside.

I don’t care what society thinks… they are no better than me. Out there, you just have to fit into a pattern that somebody’s already made up for you. Life we live. Set your own patterns, your own ideals. You have to handle the whole job yourselves’.

– John Taylor (1966)

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