March: first beach day of the year

This time last year I was preparing for my move to Costa Rica. A year on, I find myself in a very different position. Summer is fast approaching and how I will spend mine is still somewhat unclear. This past weekend saw the first beach day of the year. Taking the chance to visit Anthony Gormley’s Another Place beach installation. Whilst it is still unclear  what this summer will hold for me, travel and adventure is all around and still very much accessible. I love the summer months, since my University days they have represented the greatest chance to travel and visit new places.

This post highlights some photography from the past month. It’s been relatively quiet since the Scotland trip, with a few exciting opportunities progressing slowly. Making the most of the recent warm weather I have been on a few walks and tried to capture some local scenic shots. This weekend I am entertaining a friend from the States and may do a short post covering what we get up to in Manchester over the coming days. Check out this month’s pictures below.




As always, thank you for visiting. New content coming soon.

‘You know sometimes, life is good’

– Anthony Soprano

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