CR through the lens: Part II

The second part to my image based insight focuses on two more of my favoruite places from around Costa Rica and the Carribean coast of Panama. Part two looks at the Captial of Costa Rica, where I spent the best part of four months living and working. Then the final place comes from my trip across the border to Panama.

San Jose (Central Valley), the breathing heart of CR

Whilst living in San Jose I got chance to explore much of the Capital. Where several of the major provinces all meet in the central valley, there are many places to visit. I enjoyed finding new restaurants each week and visiting the many markets in the city. Learning how to navigate the city is important, it can be a dangerous place at times and in certain areas. The traffic and congestion of the city can also be frustrating at peak times. This should not deter from a couple of days in the city though. Whether it be spent visiting nearby volcanos like Poas Volcano, enjoying some of the best food in the country, or visiting the theme park or many shopping outlets.

Beautiful sunsets are found all over Costa Rica, this one came whilst in Heredia.
In attendance of Saprissa’s championship winning day. An incredible experience and environment to be a part of for any sporting fan.

Bocas Del Toro, beyond the palms I see heaven

Panama was always one of the top destinations I wanted to take advantage of visiting whilst living in Costa Rica. I decided on a four day trip to the Caribbean coast of Panama, the renown island of Bocas Del Toro in particular. The main island is a peaceful place, a tropical community full of life all day round. The difference in the cost from Costa Rica was also welcome. Costa Rica is known as one of the more expensive countries in Latin America, especially when in comparison with its cheaper neighbours Panama and Nicaragua.

Below are a couple of shots from different islands in the area. My favourite aspect about the area of Bocas Del Toro was the ease of access and ability to island hop. In some small way reminding me of Venice almost. Many hotels, hostels and bars all have the own access to the waters, with taxi boats waiting to take you to your next destination.


Red Frog Island, a remote location well worth the visit if not for the shrimp tacos alone.



Not my favourite shot, but capturing Zapatilla Island in all of its glory.

I will return to Panama to spend more time one day. Its beauty really did surpass any initial expectations I had of the place. This post failed to mention many of the other incredible places to visit in Costa Rica, including the volcanos, inner jungle activities and various outdoor mountain walks. If anything, that just goes to show the vast amount of places and activities on offer in Costa Rica. With still so many places to visit and a longing to revisit many of the places above, I know I will be returning sooner or later.


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