Costa Rica through the lens

Six months in Latin America produced hundreds of photos, many I have only just started looking through again now I am back home. This post will be the first part of two which attempts to streamline some of my favorite shots, that I have yet to share, from my travels in Costa Rica and Panama. Highlighting my favourite destinations and what it is in particular I like about each of the locations. The first six come from the first place I explored in CR. The small town of Playa Samara on the pacific coast is a hidden retreat, once there, you’ll fall in love with life’s simplicities and the beauty that surrounds you.

Playa Samara, an adventure a day.

The vast peaceful beachfront spans the length of the coastal town. With many of the best bars and restaurants opening out onto the pacific.


One of the stand out memories from Playa Samara will be watching the sunrise over the pacific ocean in the early hours of the morning. Walking through the town and along the beach at this hour is quite surreal, the calm and slight eerie feel to it is uplifting. There is something happening in the town every night of the week, despite its small size, there is certainly enough to keep you busy. After just a couple of days here, you will begin to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and more importantly, the locals. The welcoming and friendly locals are what make this place so special.

La belleza de Santa Teresa

Whilst it is possible to draw comparisons between Santa Teresa and Playa Samara. I would say Santa Teresa is not as close-nit a community on the surface, this could be due to the geography of the place. One long uneven road runs the entire length of the region, reaching Mal Pais to the south and Playa Hermosa to the north. Which provides even more incredible remote beach locations in the Santa Teresa area.


Playa Hermosa, one of the locals shows me around the best beach spots.


The Sunsets here are what truly set this place apart from other coastal towns in Costa Rica. It has a reputation for the best sunset, and it certainly surpasses those expectations regularly. A golden sky brings many from the town to beach, where people drink, buy groceries at organic markets, or simply embrace the beauty Santa Teresa’s days end brings. Once night falls it is quite a lively town, with a lot of youths, backpackers and Costa Rican locals. Live music and packed bars can be found throughout the small town. Many expats live here too. Starting new lives, opening restaurants, bars, hostels, anything which will sustain living in this tranquil paradise. Santa Teresa would be the first place on my list of places to return to the next time I visit, that’s for sure.

The final two places will be posted soon. Where I will focus on some of the shots from my trip to Panama and my time working in the capital of Costa Rica.


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