Winter in the North

I am fast approaching a month back in England. With the road in front of me a little clearer I have been able to appreciate and enjoy my downtime back home. Taking a trip to the Lake District this past weekend and enjoying the northern countryside.  

I have enjoyed getting out into the countryside since coming home. Frequenting the reservoirs and outdoors up behind my house often. Taking the time to consider my next move and not rushing into anything has been important. This post is not about what the future holds however, but to share some photos from late.

A cold brisk day at Lake Windermere


The Lakes are a great place year-round to spend sometime and relax. I also want to take this chance to share a few shots a friend of mine caught whilst in Japan recently. Avoiding some of the tourist traps and spending his time in Kyoto and surrounding regions, he managed to capture some really authentic shots. Japan has never been the top of my list when considering travel but it is certainly somewhere I will visit one day.



Above are two very moving shots of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial located in Hiroshima, Japan where the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. I will be bringing more insightful imagery from around the world on occasion whilst I am grounded here back home in the UK. I will also be outlining a little more on what the future has in store and my top places to visit in 2017. Recently I have began putting together a list of places I would like to visit, it will be an ongoing list which I will continuously add to. I also still have a lot of pictures I would like to share from Costa Rica.

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