The beautiful beaches of Costa Rica – Playa Hermosa

As I mentioned in the update prior to this post, over the weekend I went to explore a new location and when I was on the beach my backpack was stolen. 

Originally, this post set out to detail on the small town of Playa Hermosa. It would have also been nice to have an insight from Mariiana about what she thinks of her home. However, with the slight misfortune that I encountered it has made for a simpler more straight forward post. What follows are some of the shots we got and a little about the enjoyable but unfortunate day. 

I made my way from Santa Teresa to meet local surf girl Mariiana who agreed to show me around and take some pictures. After sitting through a 40 minute delay due to road works, the 5km journey was over and I arrived in Playa Hermosa. A small surf town, like many of the towns on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica,  with the most breathtaking beaches.

Forever beyond the palms – strolling on to the picturesque beach of Playa Hermosa.

Endless coastline – it’s possible to walk from Santa Teresa all the way up the coast to Playa Hermosa and beyond.
Quick break – the far end of Playa Hermosa is scattered with rocks, making for some good surf.
One of my favourite aspects about the beaches here in Costa Rica is the how the jungle hugs the coastline.
Venturing into the flora – trying to find new spots by the beach.
Playa Hermosa is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. What makes it so special is how quiet it is, as most tourists spend their beach days by the main entrance to Santa Teresa. Whilst I did not get the chance to surf, the waves were some of the best I have seen in Costa Rica. 

Mariiana reaffirmed this and appreciates the good surf in her home town. Whilst she enjoys life here in Costa Rica, she does not see her furure here. A sushi chef of three years, she would like to move abroad to go to culinary school at University, with Switzerland being her number one destination of study. She would also love to travel to Egypt, to visit the pyramids and learn more about their culture and remarkable history. We had fun exploring around, it is certainly always better having a local show you the best spots.

Thanks to Mariiana for showing me around, be sure to check her out on Instagram at @its_mariiana 

As for me, I leave Santa Teresa tomorrow and will make my way to the city. Where I have the opportunity of prolonging my time here in Costa Rica significantly. I am always looking for the next opportunity and the right one may have just presented itself. I would have liked to share a few more photos however with my laptop being stolen I am without any real access to a computer until I arrive in San Jose tomorrow. It is a big few days for me, a lot will be decided, but hopefully my adventure here is just beginning. 

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