An update from Santa Teresa

Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to reiterate something I expressed on Instagram on Sunday. 

Travelling certainly teaches you many lessons in life, but these lessons are not always ones of positivity or reward. Sometimes misfortune can strike which can make or break a trip. Sunday I went to get some pictures and explore a new beach with a friend and I was robbed.

This was a first experience for me and uncommon in the area I was in, but just like anywhere, these things can happen. It’s not the value of the laptop or what has been stolen financially, what’s more upsetting is the history and work I had on my laptop, many years of notes, writing and pictures I had collected. 

I will not let it tarnish my admiration for such a beautiful country. Nor will I let it affect my passion and desire to travel. You learn from times like this and hope that it does not happen again. Positivity is key in times of misfortune. I will continue to explore Costa Rica and long may the adventure continue. To follow will be some of the photos I got from over the weekend.

Beyond the palms forever and always.

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