When will I see you next?

The last few days I have been in London visiting friends and saying goodbye to some others. It was an enjoyable couple of days and some of the pictures I took are now up on Instagram. London has a similar vibe to New York for me, it is the contrast from spending most of my time in the quiet north of England to the hustle and bustle of big city life. I like the feeling of being somehwere that has lots to offer and I can see myself in London. It might be the appropriate stepping stone I need to take to one day get to America.

Also, it is now June and my departure to Costa Rica is finally within reach. But as it gets closer the more goodbyes I have had to make. The goodbyes are always the hardest part about leaving. Inevitably some ask the question, when will I next see you, to which I do not know the answer. It is likely that I will not see many of the people ever again and even with closer friends and my family, I realise it could be quite some time before I see them again.

Goodbyes are hard, I have never really been comfortable with saying goodbye, knowing it could be forever. It has definitely been made easier staying in close contact with friends and family in this day and age. I speak to some of my friends in America on a daily bases and I still feel well connected with them.

Sometimes it feels like my whole life I have just been saying goodbye. But it is important to remember that with every goodbye there will be lots of hellos. Soon I will say goodbye to my home country, close friends and my small family. That will be the hardest part, but I know it is not forever and that the people I love are never too far away no matter where I am. It doesn’t get any easier saying goodbye, you just learn to accept it more easily.

Recently I said goodbye to my work colleagues which left me with mixed emotions. They are an amazing team and I have enjoyed working with them. To leave a team who have helped me and made me feel so welcome is difficult and I will miss them. But I would be lying if I did not feel an overwhelming excitement for Costa Rica when I got home from my last day.

It feels like I am always leaving, but it’s important to remember that that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially at this age, it just means I am about to do something new. I have only a couple of weeks now to make my final preperations and enjoy spending some quality time with my friends and family and I will  also be getting some new posts up in the run up to leaving.

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