A Hub for Creativity

This week marks my the final week of my internship and now that it is coming to an end I have begun to look back over the last six months. I have been very busy this final week, with plenty of events and activities in my shop and the training up of two new interns who will be taking over the role. I am excited to handover the project and want to make sure I leave them feeling comfortable and eager to hit the ground running once I leave.

I remember when I first started in the new year how I was eager and ambitious to create something special. When I was briefed on what my role would entail at the University I was excited to deliver and work on what was quite an independent and creative role. The project involved setting up and creating the first inner city presence for the University, connecting the local community and the university. I had lots of ideas and things I wanted to achieve in my time, some of which I can now say came to fruition and some which did not.

I wanted to connect the city and the University in new ways, through a range of activities and workshops which the public would have genuine interest in. Over the months I have built an environment which has raised awareness and also gave people the platform to host their own events in the space. The space is now known to the community and is utilised both internally and externally to the University. Some great initiatives have taken place in the venue and the project is at the point where it can support itself. There is an exciting schedule of events looking forward but the next people in charge will need to continue progressing new opportunities the community want to see.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this role and the experiences I have had have been invaluable. I will be sad to leave it behind, my job, university and colleagues in the marketing team will be missed. But I look forward to the next challenge. Costa Rica will present new obstacles and opportunities, from learning Spanish and settling in to teaching and attempting to surf again. Once I finish this week I will only have a few more weeks to prepare until I leave. I still have lots to do and I am sure it is going to go by very fast.

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