America: yesteryear I lived in paradise

My love and admiration for America has been something which has materialised and developed ever since my first trip to Florida. These holidays formed the heart of an American dream which I have been chasing ever since. America is where I see my future. A place I feel at home having both studied and worked there, specifically on the east coast.

California and New York are two of my favourite places not only in America but in the world. Two completely different worlds which I hold close to my heart. There is always somewhere new to discover, me and a couple of friends would explore and wander the cities finding places we never new existed. It was on one of these spontaneity-filled days when I stumbled upon Bryant Park in mid-Manhattan, a hidden haven of paradise among the bustling concrete jungle. The beauty and blissfulness captured in such a small sanctuary in the middle of the busiest city in the world is incredible. I can sit there for hours on end just watching the world go by. I remeber one Christmas, returning to find the most picturesque magical festive world, NYC at christmas is truly like nowhere else.

Sometimes when I am lacking motivation or having a particular dull day, I look at pictures from my time in these places and remember how amazing they are. My end goal will always be America and I will not settle for anything less. You see, America is more than just a place with an abundance of beautiful places. It is the people I have met whilst there who have changed my life. America represents a lot to me, not least of which has been the friendships and strong relationships I have built with some incredible people I have met.

It was only recently a friend of mine flew out from NYC to come and watch the football one weekend. Maybe I will detail more on this sometime because what an incredible weekend it was. It was all very last minute and worked out ever so flawlessly. Just knowing these people are in my life and never really that far away is a blessing in itself, and it was very special to be able to celebrate with them once last time before I leave.

With an uncertain future ahead I have been thinking more and more about America. The more I plan for Costa Rica the more I realise it could be a while before I return. It is not easy to relocate to America and the path is certainly not clear for me. I do not expect everything to just fall into place , I will need to make it happen. Maybe one day I will be writing these posts from the states, it’s early days yet.

P.S the title is a homage to the book Yesteryear I lived in Paradise, a beautiful book about a family who owned and lived on the island of Caladesi in the early nineteen-hundreds. Wonderful place, brilliant book.

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