A day in the life of an intern

I swing at my phone for the alarm aggressively. It is safe to say I’m not a 5.30am person. The battle continues for one or two snoozes and I eventually rise between 5.45am and 6.00am dazed and confused. I struggle in to my gym clothes in what are a groggy first couple of minutes to the day. Once I am downstairs I begin to find my feet and accept the inevitable day ahead. My work clothes, lunch and work bag are already prepped so all that is needed now is a quick breakfast. Peanut butter on toast is my go to when I am in a rush to leave the house for 6.15am (which is most days) but other days I might indulge in porridge or a quick batch of banana and egg pancakes heaped with berries.

From day one of my internship I have managed to maintain a positive routine of going to the gym before work, slipping up once or twice at most. With the gym opening at 7.30am I usually use the time if I am early to check social media and post any relevant content. I work out for around 45 minutes before showering and dressing for work, clocking in at precisely 8.45am each day. This is my ideal time to arrive, (just before everybody else).

From here I begin the daily grind of liaising with event organisers (usually lecturers from the University or external community members) and catch up on emails/calls etc. Normally there is also something on the legal side of things which needs progressing or dealing with in regards to the university project I overlook.  I might make a visit to my shop if necessary and help/ check on what events are taking place in there. Every day I am between the shop and my office at least once or twice.

My day wraps up between five and six, with just the commute now standing between me and home. If I am taking the train, I can guarantee that I will fall asleep on the way home. Unfortunately, I do not have the same luxury when driving, so the music is turned up and I sing myself home in a bid to stay focused. The day goes very fast, and the weeks even faster. It has been very fast paced and any down time only really occurs on the weekends. My role at the University has involved overlooking the University’s first inner city presence and driving engagement with the local community. Building a greater relationship between the University and the city.

The reason behind this post, is to explain how important it is to push yourself in all circumstances. Nobody walks into their dream job upon graduation, I see my job for what it is and that has been a stepping stone. It is important not to lose focus once the initial buzz has worn off, stay motivated, always give your best and strive for excellence. Some days I thought what’s the point? I could have got a job that pays more and is closer to home. But it is not about the money at this stage, it is about what is going to help you in the future, what experience you will gain most from and develop.

It is okay if the current situation you find yourself in is not where you want to be. What is more important is that it is leading in the direction of where you want to be, it might not always be clear, but stick with it. There is a difference between needing a change of environment because you have reached a deadend and persevering with the now for a greater future. This is especially the case in your early twenties, this is the time to put in the extra hours. Sometimes accepting and embracing the monotonous work. One day that will be you inspiring the next generation, and you will expect them to show the same can do attitude you did. Never stop giving it your all, and never stop searching for your next step.

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