Intro: ideas worth writing?

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Josh and I am from the UK. A recent graduate I find myself in a very common and misrepresented place of limbo and uncertainty, long after my adolescent years when ambiguity about the future was socially acceptable. When you could be carefree and have an optimistic outlook on what seemed such a distant future. I find myself trapped between two alternate life defining paths.

It was not from lack of planning on my behalf which led me to this present anxiety filled impasse, I worked tirelessly in my college years, both in the UK and America. I travelled when I could and I even launched my own smoothie business start-up in my final year. But when it was all said and done, and I returned from America summer 2015, I finally realised the challenges I faced entering what seemed such a daunting corporate world; chasing a career and social stability which those around you would approve of. This realisation was also met with hostility from the side of me which wanted to travel more, and try to find a lifestyle which explored my interests and intrigue for new environments.

I thought graduating University at 21 would finally free me, and allow me to make the decisions I want. Alas it has had the opposite effect, I feel more trapped than ever. Do I stay in the UK and exhaust all of my career progressing options, or do I choose to solely seek happiness and a stress free way of life? I suppose that depends on what I want.

I do not want to watch life pass me by like it does so many around me. People want different things from life and I understand that, but so many people settle, they settle for a life which is not truly great or fulfilling, but simply comfortable. I do not want to be comfortable, I want to be happy, I want to be successful. There are certain things I know I need to achieve; goals I have which I know will provide a satisfaction like no other. One of these is to move to America, another is to write a novel.

Now not all of my posts are going to be of this introspective nature. I just wanted to express where I currently stand personally. I want this blog to be many things, something which will grow over the coming months. I want it to be real, exploring both my journey and thoughts whilst looking at other people’s perspectives too. I will reframe from following the grain, but that will not stop me from posting about what is on my mind and is important to me.

With such an uncertain future ahead of me, writing will provide at least one stable aspect to my life. The first few things I post here, will hopefully set the tone and help the blog find its own unique feel.

My first and last first post.

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